Tournament Entry and Participation

Any player participating in Tomczak Bowl must register online at

Entry for the tournament is $20 which must be paid at the event. (Cash only please)

If there are openings the day of the event we will allow walk-ins to participate. However the only way to guarantee a spot in the tournament is to register online prior to the event.

Tournament Format

This is a double elimination tournament. Players will be seeded into the bracket once they have registered. Seeds will be determined using varying factors including a player’s results from past Tecmo tournaments of record.

Current bracket seedings can be viewed online at LINK COMING.

Players that lose their first two games and are eliminated are automatically entered into a single elimination mini tourney to play for the Peter Tom Willis Cup. The winner of the “PT Dubs” will receive minimal recognition and maybe a shot of terrible liquor.

For each game, players will choose their teams using the established Tier System.

Game Setup

Before each game the following steps will be followed:

  1. One person rolls a die to determine which tier they get for the match (Tiers 1-5). Both players will choose between the teams available in that particular tier. If a 6 is rolled then the person will simply roll again. No changing tiers even if both players agree. The die is king in the land of Tecmo.
  2. After the tier is determined a manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winner can choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams) from the determined team tier or defer the matchup choice to the coin-flip loser.
    1. If the winner chooses the matchup, the winner is given the P1 controller, and the loser chooses his choice of the two teams in the matchup.
    2. If the winner defers the matchup choice, the winner is given the P2 controller, the loser will then choose the matchup and the winner will select his choice of the two teams.
    3. Players can use the same match choice more than once in this tournament if the opportunity arises.
  3. Once teams and controllers are established, both players are allowed to make and modifications to their team’s playbook and starting roster. A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. To further clarify, players such as Ernest Givins, Ricky Sanders, and Andre Rison cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse.

Gameplay Rules

The following is a list of rules that all Tomczak Bowl participants must abide by.

  1. No bitch moves! More specifically no lurching with the nose tackle or defensive ends immediately following the snap. Violators of this rule will be subjected to possible forfeiture of the game. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. You cannot simply go around your blocker and dive. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs.
  2. This goes without saying really but, no peeking at opponent’s controller.
  3. No throwing controllers or damaging of Nintendo equipment in any way. You will soon learn the answer to the question, “What did the five fingers say to the face?” You will also be asked to leave.
  4. Any resetting of a system due to a player’s actions of frustration or anger, whether intentional or not will result in forfeiture of the match. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  5. System Malfunctions: If there is a system failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If a system malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was noncompetitive or any equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game.
  6. Ties are not permitted in the tournament. If a game ends in a tie after overtime, a new game will begin, and the first player to score in the new game is the winner.
  7. Outside controllers are permitted but must pass inspection and be approved by tournament organizers Jake I. or Nick R. Any controller with a turbo option that cannot be turned off will be rejected (e.g. NES Max is not allowed but NES Advantage is with turbo turned off).
  8. Before the tourney begins, all NES systems and games will have any current season data reset to ensure all players on the game are at “Average” ability.
  9. Trash talking and drinking is strongly encouraged.

Rules of Conduct

These rules are here due to past experiences. Please abide by them and do not do anything that could ultimately lead to us creating a new one for this list next year.

  1. No physical violence.
  2. No arguing over the Heisman trophy. (This is more of a guideline… If you’re going to do it, please be civilized.)
  3. No drinking straight from crock pots and/or slow cookers.
  4. No breaking beer bottles.
  5. If you’re going to drink MD 20/20, please do so responsibly or you will leave early. (Whether forced, or of your own volition.)

Tournament Prizes

A custom trophy will be awarded to the winner of Tomczak Bowl as well as a Tomczak Champion blazer. Cash payouts are awarded to the top 3 finishers. Dollar amounts are determinate of participant turnout and may vary.

Tournament Location

Tomczak Bowl XII will be held at The Fox Den Motel located at 920 Main St, Dubuque, IA 52001

(NOTE: it’s a bar, not an actual motel)