These challenges will still apply in 2023

Last year, instead of raffling off prizes, we decided to give our trash to participants based on them being the first to complete various challenges we set out. This year is no exception.

Basic Rules:

  • All challenges must be achieved in actual tournament competition to be valid. No side games will be considered.
  • Challenge awards will be given to the first competitor to confirm completion of the challenge by notifying either Jake I. or Nick R. and showing them the final score blue screen.
  • At the end of the tourney, any unclaimed challenge prizes may be awarded to whomever the tourney managers deem worthy.

Here are the challenges we have in store for Tomczak XII.

Mike Tomczak Challenge

Objective: Win as the Bears with Tomczak as your leading passer. 

Prize: Autographed 8×10 Tomczak photo


 Bonus: $20 added if you win with Tomczak as leading rusher.

Jim Jensen Challenge

Objective: Win as the Dolphins with Jim Jensen as your leading receiver. 

Prize: Jim Jensen autograph card

Bonus: $20 added if you win and Jensen leads your team with 100+ yards receiving. 

Chadwick-Skansi Challenge

Objective: Win as the Seahawks. 

Prize: Old school Seahawks coffee mug


Bonus: $20 added if you win as Seahawks with either Jeff Chadwick or Paul Skansi as your leading receiver.

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